(ACT media release)

“The number of people complaining to NZTA/Waka Kotahi about damage to their vehicles because of the state of our roads has almost doubled in the past five years – but you won’t find the agency taking responsibility,” says ACT’s Transport spokesperson Simon Court.

“So far this year there have been 555 complaints to NZTA about damage to vehicles, but NZTA has only compensated four people.

“Last week ACT revealed that NZTA has spent $45 million dollars on plans to lower speed limits around New Zealand, if only that money was put towards fixing the roads.

“There’s now an open question about whether New Zealand’s roads have more orange cones or more potholes. Waka Kotahi’s solution is to spend your money reducing the speed limits instead of fixing the roads.

“Transport Minister Michael Wood needs to take responsibility. NZTA takes its directive from the Minister. He needs to make it clear that fixing damaged roads is a high priority, rather than slowing everyone down.

“ACT has spoken to one of the few people who received compo. He said he had to fight tooth and nail, that NZTA made it so difficult, he would understand why others would give up.

“ACT supports moves to lower the road toll – but that comes from better roading infrastructure, not slowing people down and putting further restrictions on businesses who have quite frankly put up with enough under this Government.

“Increasing the level of private sector funding will inject much-needed discipline into decision-making and target spending in the right places.

“Based on the current numbers, it’s likely there will be more than 700 damage complaints by the end of the year. In 2018 there were 284. It’s time the government started focussing on things that will get us moving, increase productivity and make life easier for all New Zealanders.”

The below information is from Written Parliamentary Questions:

2017: 320 complaints. $0

2018: 284 complaints. 2 payments totalling $1,430.70

2019: 388 complaints. 10 payments totalling $4,785.05

2020: 298 complaints. 2 payments totalling $2,118.25 (Note fewer complaints likely because of covid lockdowns).

2021: 421 complaints. 6 payments totalling $2,608.99

2022: 555 complaints. 4 payments totalling $10,624.57‍