They don’t want you to know what’s in…

The Real Anthony Fauci Movie (see earlier) website was taken down yesterday morning after a coordinated attack on its SSL certificate.

This was no accident and it’s likely concerted efforts to take it down to make sure this movie goes away, will continue to happen.

There are powerful forces moving against the truth seekers every day. And we are being silenced for a reason.

“Fortunately we have a crack tech team alert and with redundancies in place to keep this free viewing period open as long as possible.

“We are back up in most areas now, but be aware there may be more temporary outages requiring us to do some technical gymnastics just to keep this going.

“It’s imperative that you share while you still can. Please join us in getting this information into as many hands as possible and it’s more important than ever to have your own permanent, non-take-down-able copy of the Movie.

“Thank you for joining us in this cause.”