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Jordan’s Guide to How the Government Spends Your Money

Did you know that Government spending makes up a staggering 42 per cent of the whole New Zealand economy? It’s perhaps not surprising, given that the tax take is at an all-time high, but are taxpayers getting good value for money?

For the new Common Room website, Jordan gives us a quick rundown of the four different ways to spend money. He explains why the easiest way is to spending someone else’s money on someone else, which leads to much wasteful spending.

Spending Other People's Money

This week on Taxpayer Talk with Peter Williams

Derek Daniell

Peter Williams is back to host this week’s Taxpayer Talk podcast, interviewing one the He Puapua report’s authors, Auckland University’s Dr Claire Charters. Dr Charters’s research has focused on indigenous peoples’ rights in international and constitutional law, including how the Treaty of Waitangi should interact with our legal system.

They discuss the Government’s controversial He Puapua report that, among other things, recommends a separate  Māori court system, health system and parliament. Peter and Claire discuss what path New Zealand’s constitution should be taking and whether co-governance has a place within New Zealand. 

Also this week, Peter discusses some of the correspondence sent through to him by the listeners.

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