the Wokeists now use confusing grammar

The screenshot is of an article on the Stuff site where instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’; ‘his’ or ‘her’, the terms are ‘they’ and ‘their’.

Weren’t we all brought up being taught that in English ‘they’ is a plural term, while ‘he’ ‘she’ or ‘it’ are the singular terms?

In this case, the sex of the deceased body was sure to have been identified by the police (and told to the reporter), that only becomes difficult when it’s badly decomposed. But this reporter is undoubtedly obeying orders from her employer to use Wokeist-speak.

An article on the BFD today examines the problem that the standard use of the ‘Royal We’ and now the ‘Royal They’ by the Legacy Media is going to cause for comprehension:-

“I don’t even care when transgender people want to drop the masculine and feminine pronouns. That is up to them. Most of them seem to want to adopt pronouns such as ‘they’ or ‘them’ when people refer to themselves, even when speaking in the singular. Like I said, I don’t care. So far, I haven’t come across anyone in real life who insists on such a thing, although I did meet a transgender person a few years ago who was clearly a man in a dress. I just called him/her by the chosen name. No dramas.

“You will note though that they never want to be referred to as ‘it’. That would make the most sense, but is never given as an option.”

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the model railway show over the weekend was well attended

The Kapiti Express Train Show, which was held literally a stone’s throw from the tracks of the real thing, used all the exhibition space of the Memorial Hall. The layouts, in different scales, ranged from quite large to very small. The majority were European themed with three from the Märklin Model Railway club, with others based on British, American and industrial railways with an NZ bush setting.

A table-top layout in 1:24 scale — we were assured that this scale applies to everything you see.
A diorama style depiction of part of the NZR line through Kai Iwi (north of Whanganui) in its first incarnation. The model train ran in an oval, half of it behind the hill backing.
One of the German-themed layouts by the Märklin club.

Super Rugby thrillers

I just feel real proud of our effort tonight. –Highlanders captain Aaron Smith

Changes in the table

By Roger Childs 

Last weekend both matches needed the golden point rule to decide who had won. I’m no great fan of this way of determining the outcome as the losing team having battled 80 minutes for a draw comes away with no points. It will interesting to see if the golden point continues next season.

This weekend, the games were both thrillers and the two top sides were beaten in close encounters. The outcome is that the gaps have closed between the teams on the Super Rugby Aotearoa table. The Chiefs who lost their first two matches are now second out of five. However despite their loss on Saturday, the Crusaders are certain to win the round-robin.

The Highlanders win at home

The Blues travelled to Dunedin as favourites to play the home team under the roof at the Forsyth Barr Stadium. They were right in it until the 73rd minute when the visitors’ replacement prop Alex Hodgman made a crude clean-out barge hitting the chin of James Lentjes and received a red card.

The lead had chopped and changed and the Blues back often looked dangerous. Reiko Ioane was impressive at centre and Jonathan Ruru embarrassed his opposite, All Black Aaron Smith, early on by intercepting the latter’s pass on the goal line to score the first try. Otere Black controlled the game well from first five and All Black Caleb Clarke made several strong runs breaking tackles. Loose forwards Hoskins Sotutu and Dalton Popallii had solid games tackling well and making breaks and turnovers.

Aaron Smith recovered from his embarrassing misdirected pass early on and was one of the stars for the home team with his trade-mark rapid passing and his excellent backing up. Mitch Hunt at first five was in very good form and ran and kicked well. All three lossies were impressive for the Highlanders  — Japanese international Kazuki Himeno, Billy Harman and Shannon Frizell – with ball in hand, solid defence and hard won turnovers.

The game could have gone either way until the last 10 minutes, but Hodgman’s lack of discipline put paid to the visitors’ chances.

Last gasp win to the Chiefs

Damian McKenzie: match winner

This was another match which could have seen either side win until the 77th minute. The top of the table Crusaders travelled to Hamilton and were favoured to beat the home team. A well worked try to winger Leicester Fanga’anuku gave the visitors an early lead but three penalties to Damian McKenzie put the Chiefs into a 9-7 lead.

Will Jordan plays very much like Christian Cullen, being in the right place at the right time and running with plenty of pace. These two skills led to the visitors’ second try. Codie Taylor scored their third late in the game, but Mo’unga rushed the conversion which hit the post meaning that two crucial points were lost. Then Jonah Lowe scored an excellent try in the corner after a long pass from Lienert-Brown. The latter was one of the home team stars with strong running and excellent tackling. Lowe’s try made it 23-22 to the Chiefs, but a late Mo’unga penalty put the visitors ahead 25-23. The Chiefs went back on to the attack in the last five minutes and were rewarded with a penalty which McKenzie comfortably slotted. This sealed the home team’s victory 26-25 much to the delight of the large Hamilton crowd. 

The forward battle was fairly even especially in the scrumming, and Tom Sanders was impressive in the loose and captain Scott Barrett in the tight for the visitors. However overall the Chiefs loose forwards had the edge and Luke Jacobson and Mitchell Brown were stand outs. Another who impressed was hooker Samisoni Tauke’iaho who always got over the advantage line with ball in hand and was strong in the tight.

Finals time on 8 May

The Crusaders will be one finalist for the match in Christchurch. However their opponents could be either the Chiefs or the Blues or the Highlanders. There are two rounds still to play and an exciting finish to the second round is guaranteed. 

open letter on Rangiaowhia lies

18 April 2021

Dear Richard Crawford,

At the beginning of this month (I do not have the exact date) an event, organized, I expect, by yourself, was held at your school with students from seven Hamilton secondary schools attending.

 As reported by Ellen O’Dwyer of Stuff, a “special Assembly” was addressed by Leah Bell, a former student at Otorohanga College who has been active politically since 2014 during her schooldays. Young, articulate and well-presented, she was no doubt highly convincing when, as reported, she said she: “won’t forget the tears rolling down the elders’ cheeks as they stood at the green fields of Rangiaowhia. ‘We felt the immense grief and mamae there … at the lack of justice given, the lack of apology for an atrocity where innocent women, children and elderly people were murdered and sent from their homes.’”  There was more in the same vein thus:

“On February 21, 1864, British forces unexpectedly attacked the flourishing agricultural centre of Rangiaowhia – burning homes and churches, killing women, children and elderly people.”

Now, whatever grief those attending may have felt, a simple check of historical records would show that this description of events there in 1864 is a base lie concocted soon afterwards by rebels furious at being so outwitted by the humanitarian General Cameron in the actual events of the day.

If this account masquerading as history is not stopped in its tracks, it will spread like a fire in dry bush until all schoolchildren in New Zealand are led to believe it.

If New Zealand history is to be a compulsory subject in all schools, then it is of paramount importance that the truth be told and such misinformation and distortion of the truth as the present example ruthlessly excluded.

Is this or is this not a core belief of yourself and, likewise, I may ask them, of the principals of all the schools who attended?

If school principals do not take the initiative in this development, then the signs are unmistakeable that what is taught in our schools will be racist propaganda by part-Maori activists and their supporters in our midst. Our democracy will be destroyed and we shall become an apartheid state with a strident part-Maori elite calling the shots and acquiring all sorts of undue privileges.

Yet I have not received any acknowledgement from any of the seven school principals to whom I wrote, nor the Otorohanga Principal.  If school principals cannot or will not defend our school children from racist and politically motivated lies, who will do so?

Are you willing to take responsibility to teach real New Zealand history to your students; that you will teach young New Zealanders to celebrate who they are in all their genetic diversity and cultural values; that you recognise that the social changes of the mid 19th century opened up opportunities to people in New Zealand to confront the embedded tribal violence inherited from pre-colonial days and embrace new and different values and opportunities?   Will you make it clear that belligerent sullenness  and gruesome misinformation typified by the present example must not be the essence of New Zealand today?

Whatever Bell may have said to the assembly[1], there was no church full of people burnt at Rangiaowhia – ever.  I attach [below] a press clipping, undated but apparently ca 1925, reporting the state of the churches at that time when, owing it its advanced decay, the Catholic Church was dismantled.

I appreciate that it can be challenging starting your own research into NZ history based on fact, eye witness reports and informed analysis.  I respectfully suggest that my text, “New Zealand; the fair colony”, originally prepared for the 2020 History Teachers’ Conference, to which I was invited as a panellist, would be a good starting point [2] Contact

Richard, however good your intentions, it was a mistake to invite this young woman to speak at your school. There was no slaughter of innocents at Rangiaowhia in February 1864, not one.  All the principals concerned have a true account of events there, attached to my earlier email. 

Telling the truth to all today’s students is the next essential step for yourself and the other principals: Virginia Crawford, Mary Curran, Sarah Davis, Catherine Gunn, Mary Gordon, Grant Lander and Traci Liddell.

With my compliments,

Bruce Moon

[1]And by Tommy Wilson in the “Bay of Plenty Times”, 12/8/09, in  Eraka’s Blog in Tainui News, 7/5/14,  by JOC Phillips on air, 2/4/16,  by Susan Devoy in the “Bay of Plenty Times”. 4/1/17,  by Vincent O’Malley in “The Listener”, 25/2/17,  by Te Ahua Maitland in “Waikato Times”, 9/12/17,  by deceived children of Otorohanga College and by Tom Roa reported by Lawrence Gullery, “Stuff”, 21/2/20

[2]The onset of Covid led to its cancellation.

Catholic Church - Rangiaowhia

Biden isn’t ending the Afghanistan War, he’s privatizing it: Special Forces, Pentagon contractors, intelligence operatives will remain, by Jeremy Kuzmarov

Even if Biden pulls troops out of Afghanistan, the usual supporting cast of special forces, contractors, and spooks will remain. From Jeremy Kuzmarov at Over 18,000 Pentagon contractors remain in Afghanistan, while official troops number 2,500. Joe Biden will withdraw this smaller group of soldiers while leaving behind US Special Forces, mercenaries, and intelligence […]

Biden isn’t ending the Afghanistan War, he’s privatizing it: Special Forces, Pentagon contractors, intelligence operatives will remain, by Jeremy Kuzmarov — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

How to report an adverse reaction in NZ following a Covid-19 injection

From The Health Forum NZ If you or someone you know has had an ADVERSE REACTION FOLLOWING A COVID 19 VACCINE…It is VERY important that the reaction is reported to the Adverse Reaction Monitoring system in New Zealand. You can file your own report or your doctor can file a report. Be aware that a vaccine injury or reaction does not always show itself in the first few days, weeks or longer. If you experience a sudden or unexpected change in your health status in the days, weeks, or even the few months post vaccination, please make a report. Your health status change may be related to the vaccination. […]

How to report an adverse reaction in NZ following a COVID-19 injection — Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

the Jews of Thessaloniki, Greece

Humiliation of the Jews, Eleftherias Square. The original German caption of the time: “Scherl; Griechenland: In Übereinstimmung zwischen den deutschen und griechischen Stellen werden jetzt die Juden in Griechenland erfasst und einer nutzbringenden Arbeit zugeführt. Kriegsberichter Dick, Juli 1942” (In agreement between the German and Greek authorities, the Jews in Greece are now being recorded and put into useful work. War correspondent Dick, July 1942)

Over 80 years ago in Greece, sixty-thousand Jews lived peacefully in Thessaloniki.  It was a valued and vibrant community.

Most of these Jews worked in the port.  To the point that port of Thessaloniki was even closed on Saturday or Shabbat, the Jewish day when religion forbids working.  Great emeritus rabbis also lived and studied there.  Everyone hung out and liked each other.

But on September 2, 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, this peaceful community would one day feel the terror of the Nazis.

On April 6, 1941 Hitler invaded Greece in order to secure his southern front before launching the famous Operation Barbarossa and his great offensive against Russia.

Of the 60,000 Jews in Thessaloniki, around 50,000 were exterminated at the Birkenau concentration camp.  The massacre of the Jews of Greece was brief but intense.  Very few escaped.  

Among the survivors there was a family known as Bourla and, after the war, in 1961, a son was born into this miraculous family in the camps. His parents called him Israel – Abraham.  He grew up and studied veterinary medicine in Greece. A brilliant student, Abraham got his doctorate in reproductive biotechnology at the veterinary school of Aristotle University in Salonika.

At the age of 34, he decided to move to the United States.

He changed his first name Abraham to Albert and met a Jewish woman named Miriam who then became his wife. Together they had two children.

In the United States, Albert was integrated into the medical industry. He progressed very quickly and joined a pharmaceutical company where he became “Head manager”.  From there, the road was short for little Abraham (Albert) to rise through the ranks to become Chief Operation Officer before obtaining his appointment as CEO of the company in 2019.

Throughout 2020 Albert decided to direct all the efforts of the company to try to find a vaccine against a new virus which had just struck the world.  He expended great financial and technological efforts to achieve his goal.  A year later his work paid off and the World Health Organisation and US government authorised his company to produce the long-awaited vaccine …

Today, this vaccine will be distributed in several countries including Germany, which counted thousands of deaths due to the pandemic.

Ironically, this vaccine which will save the lives of millions of people around the world including many Germans was led by a little Jew from Thessaloniki, son of Holocaust survivors, most of his people were exterminated by Nazi Germany.

And that is why Israel became the first country to receive the vaccine.  In memory of his grandparents and his parents who gave birth to Israel-Abraham Bourla, known today as Albert Bourla: CEO of Pfizer.

(From a reader. See also this article on the Times of Israel)