Agent Orange, White Phosphorus… Roundup: Monsanto’s Killer History in Full

Originally posted on peoples trust toronto: A Californian court has found chemical giant Monsanto’s weedkiller caused a 46-year-old man’s terminal cancer and ordered the company to pay almost US$290 million in compensation, in a landmark ruling which could open the door to thousands of similar cases being brought the world over. For the company’s…

via Agent Orange, White Phosphorus… Roundup: Monsanto’s Killer History in Full — Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

Wellington on a plate festival


This began last Friday and runs to Sunday 26th. As the name suggests, it’s a part challenge and part food festival hosted by many restaurants and cafés.

“Wellington’s annual food festival is celebrating 10 years of serving up a storm of burgers, cocktails, unique set menus, events and pop ups. Join the ‘party’ – the theme for this year’s event – as chefs, bars and eateries dazzle your tastebuds with interpretation of parties, milestones or celebrations.” Website

Full program pdf which isn’t just mouth watering, but eye opening. 🙂

Being part of the Wellington region, naturally there are Waikanae eateries included: The Salt and Wood, Waimea and the Golf Club.

Today we we tried this Burger at The Salt and Wood:

Till the Cows Come Home: Smoked grain-fed beef brisket, taleggio cheese, smoked mushroom mayo, fried egg, rocket and red onion in a bun.” $22 or $30 including a beer or $26 including a root beer (if you’ve not been to America, the closest equivalent widely sold here is Sarsaparilla).

Good. 🙂

doing the letterbox lean

leaning letterboxes

Although they are unlikely to become famous like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, both our neighbour’s brick mailbox (right) and our stone mailbox (left) have developed noticeable leans from the vertical since the Rowan & Dougherty water meters were installed in 2014.

The whiter concrete area in front of our neighbour’s box evidences the major remedial work that was needed after the council’s original contractor stuffed things up.