With the news that Michael Scott has won the Kapiti Coast District Council Waikanae Ward by-election, there will now be a by-election for the Waikanae Community Board which Michael Scott was the chairman of.  He automatically now vacates his seat on this, although he is still required to attend its meetings.

Michael Scott was on the WCB for seven years and was thus the best known of the by-election candidates, so his victory isn’t a surprise.

However, only 3,721 votes were received by the Council returning officer out of about 9,000 sent out or about 41% participation, so the level of interest was disappointingly low.  No doubt if it had been a parliamentary by-election there would have been constant media attention, TV reporters, opinion polls, etc.  In addition, a lot of people probably think the ‘super-city’ is another fait accompli and the KCDC will disappear next year.