rottweiler Jane Stevenon aggressive dogs

In the summer we were walking along Westshore Beach in Napier when a large rottweiler dog (not the one in the picture) came bounding towards us barking aggressively.  Although it didn’t attack, it was a disconcerting experience.  The woman owner showed up after about 20 seconds and called it away from us. We said nothing to her, but let her know from our look what we thought.

On the KCDC site there is this account of a Waikanae Beach woman, Jane Stevenson, who irresponsibly let two of her menacing dogs run loose on Waikanae Beach one morning when over a sand dune they found a man’s pet cat and mauled it to death.  The council took the action detailed.

Our view is that dogs over a certain size (exempting ‘toy’ dogs like chihuahuas and poodles) should be kept on leashes at all times while on Waikanae footpaths, beaches and parks.  What do you think?


jane-stevensonIt seems Ms Stevenson didn’t like this post and threatened the KCDC to remove their case file from the public web, which they have.  She also threatened Google to filter out this post from search results.  In essence, however, the rest of the file states that the KCDC classified those two dogs as menacing which, among other things, means that she is required to have them muzzled when in a public place.  She appealed the decision and lost.  So if you see this woman with dogs that aren’t muzzled, report her to the KCDC  — call 0800 486 486 from your cellphone, and use it to take a photo as evidence.