We have made a campaign platform plank of the issue of local thieves/ intruders and pleasingly the Destination Waikanae website is now also taking it seriously.  Let’s hope the WCB will too.  From the stuff website:

Waikanae intruder

“At 5.30 in the morning he let out an absolutely gut-wrenching scream from his room,”  Melissa Rodrigues said. “I knew something wasn’t right.”

Her son led his father outside at their Waikanae home, north of Wellington, where they found footprints in the frost and their gate wide open.

A couple of extension cords and a toolbox had gone missing previously, Rodrigues said.

“The family called police, and spent the next day exploring security options.

CCTV was too costly, so the couple used an old smartphone to download an app called Salient Eye, which overrides the phone’s camera to capture images whenever it senses motion. It then emails the images to the owner.”

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