A bit off subject for us maybe, but we saw this last week and thought it was a subject of relevance for retirees of which there are quite a lot in Waikanae.  It features Robert de Niro who plays a 70-year-old widower and former phone book company man who, finding retirement a bit dull, decides to try his hand as a senior intern in an online fashion retailer based nearby in his New York borough of Brooklyn of which Anne Hathaway plays the founder and boss.  Needless to say, the need for physical phonebooks escapes the 20-somethings who are used to just looking up phone numbers on Google.  And present day technology isn’t the easiest thing for the 70-year-old to cope with, either.

It’s easy to relate to the scenario, considering the change that has happened over the last four decades in NZ — from the novelty of colour TV appearing in 1973 (sets for which were very expensive), pocket calculators about the same time and a second TV channel in 1975 — to what we have now.

Anyway, we found the movie quite charming as it sets out to demonstrate the tagline — that even when technology changes, life experience never gets old.