I feel sorry for the senior folk of Waikanae that the Council will not listen to
their plea for the Waikanae Pool to remain open until Easter for Aquafit
classes [the pool closes for the season on Saturday 19th, ed]. These classes are an important source of active lifestyle for seniors and are of immense therapeutic value. They also earn income for the Council as they generally charge $5.50 per session.

Some of us already anticipated that the Council would decline the request as
their attitude in pool matters seems to be “my way or the highway.” Trying
to get information from KCDC about the Aquatic Centre is also very frustrating.
It was shown to be the third most secretive area council in 2014 and nothing
has apparently changed.

For instance, KCDC will not reveal the original estimated pool usage for the
Aquatic Centre, which some say was 650,000, saying the matter was confidential to protect commercial information. Surely not! What other commercial body would be remotely interested in the projected pool usage? Ratepayers would like to know, as the current usage last year was 202,237 and dropping, denying council less revenue while pool costs are going up over budget.