I have just obtained the CCTV footage of my supposedly “approaching staff” when I accompanied [my wife] Kathy a few weeks ago for her to get a form from council on rates.
I accompanied her because of the bellicose nature of a couple of staff members and most councillors and as it is now well known that council does not have a zero harm environment.

This resulted in my being served a second summons by police several days later.
When I appeared in court on two charges of trespass I was handed the council
complaint by the police prosecutor. This was made out by someone called
Gardner, who is not known to me. He states that I approached staff and breached a trespass notice. The implication is that I acted in a threatening manner (in accord with the Holborow et al hallucinations).

This is another lie. The CCTV footage shows that while Kathy went to the counter to get the form, I walked over to a table by the entrance and picked up some pamphlets on the district plan. I stood reading them. Someone came out and started berating me. I explained I was just waiting for Kathy and would leave as soon as she had the form. I walked over to the chairs and sat down and read the pamphlets. .

While this was going on, all within a few minutes , the staff can be seen on the
footage at what looks like evacuating into the back rooms, as they though they
were following a prescribed emergency procedure, while one woman remained at the counter phoning, presumably, the police.

I ensured that I did not ‘approach staff’. Looking at the footage, it seems to me that staff have been instructed that I am a dangerous man, in keeping with the Holborow charade, and that they evacuate the area should I enter. This is very, very sick, and without any
justification. I am in fact being criminalised and made out to be a pariah.

Again I have been lied about, this time in a court document. The judge dismissed
the case, although the police wanted to go ahead. I did not, again, have any
opportunity to explain the lies and antics of council.

An image of me is being built up by Dougherty et al of my being a dangerous
person, and such statements are with the police.

The lower echelons of this council are obviously being misdirected by others more senior.

Kerry Bolton