Travelling south we noticed the scaffolding on the Waikanae River railway bridge with someone dealing with the mess — which is due to Norma McCallum urging the powers that be at KiwiRail (with the help of a “trenchantly worded e-mail” from Greater Wellington Councillor Nigel Wilson). Initially, KiwiRail said nothing could be done until the next routine maintenance round, whenever that might be.

As has been said before, tagging needs to be cleaned off promptly — leaving it in place only invites more. Call the KCDC and put in a service request straight away if you see it on council property.

If it appears on buildings, fences and walls around your property/business, a box of cleaning materials is available from the Waikanae Service Centre at the library and a bit of your own spare paint should make it undiscernible. You can buy test pots of paint at Mitre 10 Mega or Resene for $4 — if you tell them it’s for a community service, they might just waive that. Take a photo first to get a close colour match.

In the meantime let’s try and catch these little vandals so they can be dealt with. (Sue Lusk photo)