Einbrecher an einem Fenster

Hi everyone, Constable Nathan from the Kapiti-Mana Police here.

As we all know, there has been an increase in burglaries lately, and the last thing any of us want is to come home to all our precious belongings being stolen. The things we cherish and work so hard for.

Here’s a small list of some simple things you could do to protect your home.

There are many many more ways to deter these thieves; so feel free to comment your best prevention tip [we highly recommend security cameras and a burglar alarm, see posts from last year].

How to protect your home:

– Always lock up.
– burglars often enter through unlocked doors and windows or they take advantage of weak locks.
– Install good quality locks and use them.
– check that you will be able to escape easily in a fire or other emergency.
– use a reputable locksmith.
– lock the front door if you’re in the back garden.
– lock your house if you are having a rest or doing something that needs a lot of concentration, such as studying or sewing.
– lock away tools and ladders because burglars can use them to break in.
– lock garden sheds and your garage if you can.
– sensor lights are an excellent security device because they light up
automatically if somebody moves nearby.
– CCTV cameras are becoming more and more popular too, and you can pick them up at an affordable price.
– keep trees and shrubs trimmed so they don’t provide hiding places for burglars.
– keep windows secure.
– guard your keys. Don’t have personal details on your keys (such as your
name, phone number or address).
– don’t leave house keys with your car keys when your car is being serviced [keep them on separate key-rings].
– don’t invite burglars in — never leave notes on a door stating that you are out.
– when you go away, make sure your home looks lived in.
– install an alarm system, or even get a monitored one.
– register your serial numbers; it’s free; just click on www.snap.org.nz

Before you go out:

– all doors locked
– garage locked
– all windows shut securely
– tools and ladders put away securely
– spare keys with neighbour (not ‘hidden’)
– doors clear (no notes on them).

Before you go away:

– tell your neighbour when and where you’re going
– cancel mail, newspaper, etc
– give your neighbour a contact phone number
– put a lamp on a timer (at most hardware stores for under $20)
– curtains open, blinds up
– turn telephone ringer sound down [we recommend going to voicemail after 4 rings]
– lock all doors, close all windows.

Ask your neighbour to:

– clear your letterbox
– close your curtains at night
– use your clothesline occasionally
– watch your home
– use your driveway occasionally (park their car in your driveway for example)
– report any suspicious behaviour.
– mow your lawns

More information can be found on the Police website here:

And as always, if you see anything suspicious that makes you think twice, make sure you call us straight away on 111.

Thanks, everyone!!