a cyclist crosses the Waikanae River footbridge at Otaihanga, (KCDC pic)

According to the KCDC website page on the subject:

“Stride ‘n’ Ride Kāpiti Coast is an exciting venture that will deliver shared path improvements between Paekākāriki and Waikanae. This work is being made possible by three-way investment from Council, the Urban Cycleways Fund and the National Land Transport Fund, (both administered by the NZ Transport Agency).

“Jointly we will build 10 km of new paths and cycle lanes that will connect up over 30 km of existing off-road shared paths and on-road cycle lanes…

“The projects are located within seven corridors [which] are the main routes that people will get from their local residence onto the Kāpiti Expressway Cycleway, Walkway and Bridleway and so this is where we intend to improve off and on-road cycle facilities.”


The experience of The Parade cycleway in Island Bay, Wellington, which was clearly ill-conceived, is nevertheless a lesson in what not to do. With increased vehicle traffic predicted for Park Avenue when the Expressway opens, caution is appropriate when considering encouraging cyclists to this road.


From the map there seem to be proposals for such lanes also on the south end of Ngarara Road from the Park Road intersection to the Te Moana Road intersection, and along what is currently SHI between the railway station and the river, presumably on the western side. See an earlier post.