Guy Burns, Raumati/Paraparaumu Community Board Deputy Chair, is surprised and disappointed Mayor Gurunathan decided to use his casting vote, at the 15 December Council meeting, to reject a recommendation from the Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board to keep the 50 year old MacLean Park pond full of water over the summer period.

“It’s a brave and reckless decision to ignore the community — it was the community who lobbied our Community Board to keep the pond filled over the summer months when MacLean Park is packed with holiday makers and visitors.

“The pond has been sitting unfilled for nearly 6 months after Council discovered it was leaking larger amounts of water after contractors undertook repair and maintenance work in mid-2015.

“The current saga of the MacLean Park is a woeful and depressing tale of ineptitude and poor management, with no accountability of ratepayer’s money, regarding the $85,000 spent in the last two years on maintenance.

“I call upon the Mayor to reflect on his casting vote and consider what the community is saying.”

The council’s announcement at the time is here