The Code of Practice 2008 has been updated to include variations to the disputes resolution process approved by the Minister for Building and Housing.

The Variations improve the dispute resolution process in the Code of Practice and prioritise the early resolution of disputes. The amended Code of Practice:

  • Requires operators to have a written procedure so that residents may informally raise concerns or issues. This is intended to facilitate early resolution of issues;
  • Makes the formal complaints and dispute resolution process more user-friendly through a new step-by-step procedure for formal complaints to encourage earlier resolution;
  • Includes a diagram explaining the complaint process to help residents recognise that a mix of options are available to them and where they may turn for help;
  • Clarifies the statutory supervisors role is to work with parties to provide an impartial perspective and to recommend a way forward;
  • Includes mediation as a clear step if a complaint cannot be resolved informally; and
  • Requires operators to report formal complaints data to the Retirement Commissioner every six months.

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