from Sue Lusk:-

Michelle [Parnell of the council] was discussing where the signs could go on KCDC land at the offramp[s] but they decided to defer a decision until there had been more discussion with all the agencies about a lot more, informative, signage in and around Waikanae and the whole of Kapiti — the retailers are very relieved. They asked me to talk to the board and Jocelyn and I have been researching it. Very glad that Tonchi pushed it.

I’ve been looking at the commercial signs into Waikanae and have tackled Dricon once – it would be good if the businesses could spruce up their signs in the meantime…..wouldn’t this be nice by the bridge……?! 🙂


a CGI created by Sue Lusk last year (Hemi means Hemi Matenga Reserve, nothing to do with cars!)