by the Osbornes

We have just received a letter from Sean Mallon, KCDC Head of Infrastructure Services, stating the following:

“I note you have not taken up my offer to meet to discuss your involvement in the proposed works so I will now be proceeding with them as soon as practicable.”

The ‘proposed works’ being the destruction of the road facing side of the hedge.
When we met with the Mayor and Mr Mallon to discuss options other than cutting the hedge they agreed to allow us to commission our own independent traffic engineering report before any final action was decided. We have done this and it is due, as they have been made aware, any day. Despite our legal representative (who was at the meeting) offering to swear an affidavit confirming this agreement was made, both Mr Mallon and the Mayor NOW DENY THERE WAS ANY SUCH AGREEMENT. They seem hell-bent on destroying the hedge before our report can be presented.

In the letter we received today, Mr Mallon also says the following:

“I feel that there has been more than enough time for you to obtain any number of supporting expert reports if you so desired.”

We commissioned a report within 24 hours of the meeting (at our own cost). It is also worth noting that the first company we approached declined because ‘we won’t get any more work from KCDC if we represent you.’

Again, all we are asking for is a level playing field and chance to have the facts fairly presented.

984 of you have shown your support for putting Waikanae Beach’s heritage and flora ahead of cars [the number who have signed the on-line petition – Eds]. We would so appreciate it if any of you would email the Mayor and councillors to express your thoughts.

We attach their e-mail addresses for your convenience.

Thanks again for your support.