millvale-development-waikanae map

The documents for next Tuesday’s WCB meeting include one containing a recommendation from the council on naming the presently unnamed street in this new subdivision, the essence of which is stated:

“The complete proposed development is for 39 new residential allotments. The development also includes the extension of Millvale Street, through to Park Avenue, a connection to Windsor Avenue and a new cul-de-sac. This report refers to the naming of the cul-de-sac shown as Road 2 on the attached Appendix”

We know Don Liddle is a community-minded person and takes a strong interest in visually appealing environments; accordingly, we’re relaxed about this development.

The preferred name is

“Albizia Grove – The site was a former nursery and these trees can be seen around the district. As part of the development Mr Liddle is planning on planting Albizia trees along the new road. The developer feels that “Grove” is an appropriate reference as it is consistent with other cul-de-sacs in the area.
Mr Liddle has previously used plant names to identify roads in his previous