Maypole boxes

Maypole boxes 2.jpg

From the company’s website, stated to each be 127 metres².

They remind you of the converted shipping containers that some people make out-houses or even tiny houses from.  In fact, two 40 ft x 8 ft on the ground level and two on top of them would give you an area of 119 metres² which is not much less than the floor area with the Maypole company’s proposal.

In the U.S. 40 x 8 ft shipping containers cost about $2,500 a piece, so four of them would cost $10,000 (about $NZ 14,000).  Fully fitting out a foursome of them would add about $80,000 — $100,000 depending on the options wanted.

With the Maypole offer, however, you also get 175 metres² of land, which they need to provide to stay within the 40% ground cover rule — of that some is used as a car park.

Wow.  For those interested in building a shipping container home (real affordable housing) here is a useful website