an open letter to the Mayor and Councillors of KCDC, also to the Kapiti Community and beyond

Some years ago, the KCDC decided that a macron should be included in the name of Kapiti, but whoever decided to take this action did not apply to The New Zealand Geographic Board to obtain a legal view.

I have obtained proof that a proposal was never received from the District Council by the Board regarding adding a macron to the a in Kapiti.

For such a request to be accepted, the KCDC would be expected to have conducted a consultation, and any such proposal would also be subject to public consultation through the NZGB’s standard process: none of this did happen.

Therefore KCDC’s actions of including the macron were and still are totally unlawful.

‘Kapiti’ in the long form of the name, is part of the bit meaning boundary line and is not spelt with a macron in the standard te reo Maori promoted by The Maori Language Commission.  So this ‘Kapiti’ definitely does not relate to cabbages.

Kapiti with a macron in standard te reo Maori has the meaning of ‘cabbage’.

In consideration of tourism, let alone the local residents of Kapiti, the sensible thing to do is to expunge the macron from all signage and letterheads etc., thus doing everything to annul such frivolous derogatory comments referring to our lovely area as the ‘Cabbage Patch’.

This is not going to be cheap, but this irresponsible situation has been brought about by the idiotic self indulgence of a previous Mayor, which has then been perpetuated by the successive Councils, much to the annoyance of the community.

I trust that you are now fully aware that this macron subject has grown from a sore to a full grown boil, and that you should now take this matter up in the same spirit that you took with the ‘Osbourne hedge’ debacle, but this time with the Community at heart.

Should you have any doubt about the authenticity of my comments, then I will be pleased to provide copies to you of the confirming detail.

Not only has the ill-conceived action of KCDC done to detriment to the area, but your actions have also slid into the NZTA, who also have erroneously utilized it, naming the Expressway effectively ‘The Cabbage Expressway’. What other damage has been done?  Oh yes -– even a local paper is now showing a heading of the ‘Cabbage Patch’.

Trusting that retrospective action will now be taken by KCDC, in an effort to alleviate the detriment of the error, in the earliest and most affordable way -– such as the speed taken by Council in the ‘Osbourne hedge’ situation!

The majority of the Kapiti residents have a sincere appreciation of the area, and under no circumstance do they need being classified as living in a ‘Cabbage Area’.

Roy Bradbury,  a concerned ex-Waikanae Councillor