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We say ‘seem to have been’ because neither we nor Roger Childs of the KIN have so far received any official statement to that effect from the Department of Conservation (DOC) or OSPRI despite asking them to comment on the announcement made by Apihaka Mack on 31 January:

Ngātiawa Ki Kapiti Charitable Trust and owners of BLK 18 on Ngātiawa River laid a complaint and gave a resolution to the Associate Minister of Environment. “Due to local Iwi concerns, DOC has canceled 1080 drop in Reikorangi.” PAIMAIRE/Goodwill to All

Apihaka said on the Kapiti Coast Facebook page: “Reikorangi residents have been informed by DOC the 1080 drop has been cancelled. Ngātiawa representatives are meeting with residents next week, to have a cuppa.”

We know that DOC has become extremely sensitive to the public attitude on the use of 1080 and are told that they now only use signage on which it is only referred to by its scientific name of sodium fluoroacetate.

The above maps from a document published last year headed “2018 TBFree Pest Control Operations Consultation” show ground operations — but don’t show aerial drops — in the Reikorangi Hills.  However, the original announcement of 1080 drops in Reikorangi for last October came after this, but there was an further statement that this had been postponed until February because of unsuitable weather in October.

We have repeatedly stated on here that hunters and trappers could get rid of whatever such pests there are in this area; probably what locals intend to do.