On the Kapiti Coast Group Facebook page, one member decided to test feeling on the Council’s voting processes and results regarding the SH1 revocation process in Waikanae:

“If you WANT the SH1 revocation plan to continue in its current plan form press LIKE.

“If you DON’T want the current plan to go ahead without further discussion and local input, comment ‘NO’

The result was about 200 typing ‘no’ — including local elected members Jeremy Seamark and Michael Scott — and about 20 clicking ‘like’. That was an impressive 10 to 1 against.

As well as the crazy removal of a northbound traffic lane and the insertion of a cycle lane on each side, the notions also include a 30 km/h speed limit along it for absolutely no good reason, unless of course the idea is for car passengers and cyclists to wave at each other as they move in tandem at the same speed…