croc mouth“It’s that time of year when rates rises rear their ugly head,” says Guy Burns, Deputy Chair of the Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board.

“Most people seem to focus on the Kapiti Coast District Council side of rates increases, whilst Greater Wellington Regional Council, almost unnoticed, slips even higher increases into our rates mix.

“Penny Gaylor, Kapiti’s Greater Wellington Regional Council representative, has been trying to justify the planned average rates rise, but seems afraid to mention it is 6.7 percent. I can understand her reticence as it’s an ugly rise, following an ugly trend by GWRC of high rates rises over recent years.

“Kapiti Coast District Council is talking about a 4.7 percent average increase. I’ve spoken with people in the Raumati and Waikanae areas and every one of them have rates rises well above this amount. I wonder where in Kapiti, are ratepayers getting this figure or less.

“Kapiti Coast District Council’s 4.7 percent is a step in the right direction, but needs to go lower. There also needs to be a focus on the operation side of Kapiti Coast District Council; with the goals of efficiency, effectiveness and need of service.