Following the presentation to the WCB, another presentation was made to the council meeting yesterday.

In the article on the stuff website, the quoted comments by Sean Mallon of the KCDC are no cause for optimism that they will take any notice:

“The proposed Waikanae layout was developed following extensive public consultation and looked at many factors, including safety, future traffic use and need to make it a fit-for-purpose local road, he said.

“The design for the road has taken all elements into consideration together, and unfortunately it’s not as easy as changing one or two of the safety improvements without considering the knock on effects on the rest of the design.

“The proposed lights at the Ngaio Rd intersection will provide better amenity and improve safety for all road users.”

Margaret Delbridge of the Friends of the Waikanae Town Centre says in response:

“The Mayor and Councillors certainly appeared to support what we’d done. Whether they will or can overturn their own staff is a different matter. Perhaps Mr Mallon feels he or his staff are under threat for this. I don’t think he need worry, we’re asking for a more lateral, creative approach than just, ‘let’s stick another set of traffic lights in’ and we’re not looking to roll any jobs!

“We did say to the Mayor yesterday that if the answer is traffic lights at Ngaio & Main Road then the problem is not understood or the wrong question has been asked. Traffic lights are unlikely to change pedestrian behaviour much — too slow and the crossing won’t be in quite the “right” place wherever it is.

“The crossings at Ngaio & Parata are a far better model for Ngaio & Main — raised road, 3 way crossings, traffic gives way to pedestrians.”

David Sherar of the group says:

“We won’t let these biased comments by staff at council stop us. The residents of Waikanae have stated that they don’t want these changes and if we all stand together and make enough noise we will get NZTA to have another look at it.”