Mahara welcome mat

“Cultural Thread” is the council’s term, the sole part of which really consists of the brick ‘welcome mat’ in front of the Marae’s east entrance, which was dedicated at a ceremony last week. It doesn’t extend the full length of Frater Lane, the viewpoint, only about what can be seen in the pic.  Whether anything will be done with the rest of the surface of Frater Lane, we don’t know, despite asking the council about it.

Otherwise it’s just landscaping to make the pedestrian route from the GWRC commuter parking lot to the Mahara Place south parking area a bit more attractive than it was.

cultural picnic table

A picnic table in the parking lot? Well, why not and Michael Scott, whose office is in the upper left, might give you a wave.

Mahara cultural path

Some tyre mud trails on the asphalt from cars parked in the centre distance; presumably that part is privately owned.