Readers who also read the Kapiti Independent News will have seen this final article by Roger Childs in which he announces that.

We became aware of the schism about a week earlier with e-mail copies in which owner Alan Tristram announced a radical change to KIN‘s free and frank approach to controversial topics so far.  It is as if he was abducted by the Political Correctness Brigade, given intense indoctrination, then returned as a duly brainwashed, full-fledged PC Brigade member.

If Alan Tristram now wants to use his online magazine, among other things, to promulgate the revisionist, sanitized and ‘PC’ version of the Treaty of Waitangi and aspects of Māori-Pakeha history, that is his prerogative, but it will cost him plenty of readers.

A study of world history should make clear the problems that result from defining people by race; just 20th century history will do.

Ben Carson, a black candidate for U.S. President in 2016 and now in Donald Trump’s cabinet says, “people should be treated first and foremost as individuals and not as members of an identity group.” When it comes to skin pigmentation, colour blindness is a good thing.

But Alan Tristram’s self-inflicted loss is our gain, as Roger intends to send us a weekly article on local and national topics.  He is presently writing a book with John Robinson which will take up most of his time and not allow more than that, for a while at least.

In the meantime, we recommend watching episode two of the Sam Neill-hosted Uncharted series which screened on the Prime channel on Sunday night, as it covers topics like the inter-iwi warfare that the PC Brigade avoid, although the Māori who Sam Neill talks to have no such qualms.  It can watched on the Prime catch-up website here