A message from the Wellington Police FB page is below.

These people are known to have shown up in Waikanae, too.

To repeat what we have said before: aboriculture is a specialised field and you want to use people who both know what they are doing and who take due care.  Most trees will still grow following a butchering, but they are sure to lose at least some — and probably most — of their natural beauty!

Before you engage any tradesperson, check them out first.

scam aletWe’ve received reports of people offering door-to-door tree trimming services in the northern suburbs. Those offering their services provide a quote, take payment after doing a poor job, and then often return for further funds.

Elderly residents appear to have been targeted and have felt intimidated.

We encourage people to remain vigilant and advise anyone who thinks they are the target of this scam to contact Police on 04-3812000.