Global warming in America right now.

An article on the Stuff website headed New Zealand sea level rise: Councils’ $8b climate change warning begins–

“Local councils are facing a $5-8 billion bill to replace vital infrastructure lost to climate change in the next half-century — and they want a national war chest to pay for it.

“For the first time, environment and engineering researchers have calculated the cost of replacing pipes, roads and buildings destroyed by sea-level rise. 

“The data is included in a new Local Government New Zealand report which spells out a dire warning about the country’s ability to fund repairs. The organisation is now calling on the Government to create a national climate change adaptation fund to help meet the costs.”

Just what you might expect from Local Government NZ. Whatever needs may exist in the next half century to replace water pipes of all types, it won’t be a result of rising sea levels.

It is quite possible, however, that there will be a need to replace them because the relentless population increase will make the volumes of water that need to pass through them much greater than now. That’s up to the government to control, but the present government’s signing NZ to the globalists’ migration compact (see earlier) shows they have little or no intention of doing so (not that the previous government did anything to reduce it either).

Roads probably will get washed out from time to time because of storms, including maybe a tsunami on the Pacific coasts at some point. That’s not saying anything new.

But here is the local government organisation embracing scaremongering based on Al Gore’s discredited theories. Tut, tut.