An item on the agenda of today’s council meeting is this pdf from the staff recommending this (extract above).

Although the council wanted to keep this intended eviction secret at its meeting of last 6 December, details of it were made public by Mayoral candidate Gwynn Compton and former Mayor Iride McCloy.

Obviously, council bosses know that trying to keep their callous behaviour secret is pointless, although oddly the council wants the minutes of the secret session of 6 December kept secret, despite everyone knowing what it was about — perhaps a certain councilor is embarrassed about the fact the decision was unanimous?

So how much is this house worth, and how good an investment has it been?

From QV records, apparently it was built in 1990 and was bought by the council on 30 November 2011 for $340,000; its RV from 1 August 2017 is $485,000.  Presumably its value has risen since then.  That was a 43% capital gain over 68 months, which isn’t too shabby, The amount of the ‘market rental’ isn’t given but it’s likely to have at least covered holding costs.  Item 8 in the pdf notes that the house needs “some refurbishment.”



According to a post on the Kapiti Coast FB page:

“Behind closed doors

In a surprise move at Council this morning a public paper on allowing a large family to temporary stay in their Council home in central Paraparaumu was withdrawn by the Mayor without any explanation.

The great and the good of the community including St Vincent de Paul, the Housing Task Force, Grey Power and Community Board members trundled along to speak in support of the paper. Unbeknown to them Councillors in another secret briefing earlier had decided to withdraw the paper. Did we see smirks on the faces of some around the table knowing that the speakers were wasting their time?

The lesson: do not believe any candidate who promises openness and transparency. It won’t happen.  Councillors spent more time discussing who was going to the Local Government Conference and a Director’s conference in Auckland than they did on the housing issue. Let’s fixit. Time for a change.”