Waiky Main Rd north post cycllane

This has been done in the past few weeks, and fortunately the car lane narrowings aren’t as great as was feared from the early concept illustrations provided by the NZTA (see the earlier post).  The NZTA hasn’t bothered to paint the cycle lanes green either (at least not yet).

Now lets await the legions of cyclists to show up.

What’s going to happen to the Main Road Town Centre section isn’t yet known with certainty, but is very likely what was decided in 2017 by the NZTA-KCDC, despite the objections of the two local councilors and the Waikanae Community Board.  A concession announced to the WCB/Friends of the Waikanae Town Centre group meeting with NZTA/Beca/KCDC reps last November, however, was that cycle lanes in this section were being dropped.

Note that if you object to the retrofitting of cycle lanes in streets where there is no room for them, or in places where they make no sense, you’re now a “car fascist” according to this Minister in the Jacinda government:-


How she would describe this cyclist (a photo obviously taken in America)?