“Future Air Surveillance Capability: Boeing P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft
$273.8 million operating, $1.7 billion capital. This initiative enables the continuance of air surveillance, resource protection, and search and rescue services. Funding buys four Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.”

Could not satellites achieve that and be a lot cheaper?

There are plenty of comments that could be made about Jacinda & Co.’s Budget delivered yesterday, and are being made by others, but this was one of the stark contrasts.

And of course, there’s $168 million allocated for the buy-up of the semi-automatic rifles that Jacinda & Co. rushed to ban in April.

National Party leader Simon Bridges says that it will actually cost over $500 million. The problem for him and his party is that they supported Jacinda & Co.’s knee-jerk reactionary ban — a blatant betrayal of what they had told people in their 2017 manifesto. Tut, tut.

Who else thinks that money should have instead been provided to build proper shelters for the homeless?NZ now 2