Matthew O'Brien

“Worker poisoned at pest control warehouse in Christchurch”

Although this article in the Christchurch Press (part of Stuff) today only mentions “a poisonous substance”, it’s likely 1080.

Comment by Carol Sawyer :

A contact in the poison manufacturing industry tells me :

“The way I read this, the consent has only been live for a few weeks so any toxic bait previously made and the air consequently discharged (presumably via the front roller door) was in breach of the RMA.”

This means that all of the baits made for the Hope and Cascade Valleys, Fiordland, aerial 1080 drop last year for DoC’s ‘Battering the Birds’ programme and all of the Pindone rabbit baits were made with the front roller door used as an air extractor!

I am told that the adequacy of a single bag filter system (which is sure to fail at some point) and an open-topped stack to manage toxic dust emissions is seriously questionable, as is its failure warning system, (which is based on pressure variations inside and outside). A particle sensor with alarm and auto shut-down might give the neighbours more comfort!

PCR Ltd at 8 Centrum Lane, Rolleston, got consent to manufacture 1080 baits in mid-2018. The factory is surrounded by businesses. Could the workers in those businesses have been affected by toxic 1080 poison dust coming out of the roller door? It is most certainly not in an isolated area.

Now we hear that a PCR Ltd worker had an accident in a warehouse in Bromley “processing chemicals that were going to be delivered to the main PCR office in Rolleston”. This happened on 28 May and is only just released in the news tonight, two weeks later. The last I heard the poor man was in a coma. Did the warehouse in Bromley have consents to be processing poisons?

On ‘Operation Ban 1080’, Dave Burrows has stated publicly:

“This is KiwiCare” property owned by Matthew O’Brien. It is not licensed to carry out any poison work at Bromley. He also owns 51% of PCR Ltd at Rolleston. Let us hope this does not become another coverup job!”

PCR Ltd is operated by Kiwi Care Corporation and is 49% owned by the West Coast Regional Council, and 51% owned by Pest Control Investors Ltd (O’Brien? [according to the Companies Office record, O’Brien is the sole director —Eds]).