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Last Friday I sat down with British journalist and editor of Spiked! Online, Brendan O’Neill on the Free Speech Coalition Podcast. A big thanks to the Coalition member who set up the interview.

Some extracts

On the lack of protesting against UK censorship laws:

“Why are British people not rioting?” The political climate at the moment is so illiberal, and undemocratic, and censorious that it amazes that there isn’t more of a physical pushback. More protesting. More argumentation. More attempts to put the political elite back in its box and say to them, “Stop censoring things. Stop overriding democratic votes. Stop treating us like children.”

On safe spaces and universities banning free speech:

“And I thought that really spoke to the cult of psychic vulnerability, and the way in which we have mollycoddled new generation so much, and protected them from any form of offence, or risk, or any other dangerous human endeavour.” 

“Guys, you’re at university. This is supposed to be a place of intellectual experimentation, and censorship runs entirely counter to the cause of intellectual experimentation, so please stop.” 

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Thank you for your questions

A big ‘thank you’ to all those that asked questions of Brendan. We want to continue to have members of the Coalition actively participate in podcast series. If you have any recommendations or know anyone that would be welcomed guests in the podcast you can respond to this email with your suggestions.

Thank you for making this work possible.

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