Adrenalin Forest 1By Sandra Smith

A forest of a different kind …

Our need for adventure is catered for in many ways these days and if you have ever aspired to walk the high wire we have the place just for you! About 20 km north of Wellington City [or 35 km south of Waikanae] in Porirua, is the Adrenalin Forest.

Here, set in a mature pine forest is the adventure site with all you need for excitement.

Adrenalin Forest 2There are 7 high wire courses that you can try — ranging from ground level to 31 metres in the canopy. There are bridges and barrels to negotiate, swings, wires and nets to cross and what’s not to love about the flying foxes! 

Safety is paramount. A safety harness is fitted and the two carabina type clamps that latch onto the wires operate in such a manner that when one connector is opened the other will remain locked ensuring that you are safe at all times

Mind and body confidence building

It isn’t just a test of your physical ability — nerves and skill will also be tested on this great confidence builder. The brain is challenged in how to navigate the crossed logs, the barrels and the wrecking balls to name but a few of the obstacles.

Adenalin Forest Gear HouseA basic level of fitness is required and you need to be over 130 cm [4′ 3′] tall, so generally around 12 years old. It’s inspiring to see Mums and Dads out adventuring with their teenagers and, of course, you only need to go to the level that you are comfortable with.

As a bonus, the Adrenalin Forest is located next to the historic Gear Homestead and it is worth a wander around the beautiful grounds as your heart rate clocks back to normal.