Egyptian cabinet

This is a group photo of the present cabinet of Egypt from June 2018.  There are 12 women out of the 32 — and how many hijabs are visible?  None.

But this is how Jacinda sees it should be, a photo taken at the Zayed College for Girls in Auckland’s Mangere:

Zayed and Jacinda

A total of 10 hijabs out of 12 women — including Jacinda’s.

If she did this in Egypt, it would result in some trenchant criticism.  But NZers can’t express it now without being put on the radar of the Thought Police.  That doesn’t stop those in other countries from saying what they think:

“A Muslim women’s rights advocate in Malaysia told the Thompson Reuters Foundation: “I wish she hadn’t (wore it)”… She is not a Muslim and not from a Muslim majority country.”

“This is what women in the West call ‘empowering’ Our suffering, our oppression, our subjugation, our dehumanization, our misogyny…is not empowering.”  #FreeFromHijab #HijabIsRapeCulture