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Earlier in the year Roger Childs supplied some photos of the new Christchurch Public Library, named Turanga (“site, foundation”), which opened in October 2018 and your editors made the visit ourselves this past week. To say we’re impressed is an understatement — it is a ‘wow experience’!  For Waikanae people it will be a cause of envy (and we figure it will be for Wellingtonians, too.)

As can be seen, it has five floors with extensive use of wood decor and the ‘tree’ in the bottom photo above reflects that. There are lots of spaces devoted to social meetings, discussions and presentations and as well as paper (books and magazines) there are several electronic information sources.  Being very central on the north side of Cathedral Square it compensates to some extent for the ruin of the Cathedral.

The ground floor includes a café with nice food.

Christchurch itself now has many new buildings, most of them with inspired architecture, although there are still plenty of vacant lots and it will still be years before the city’s rebuild is complete. Some of the old ‘English’ vestiges remain, but it is becoming one of newest cities on the globe.

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Turanga green space