A message from the council.

Waimea Domain boardwalk
The decking of the boardwalk is being replaced. The bridge is not having the decking replaced as the whole bridge will need replacing in a few years and the current surface is adequate. The work will take 2–3 weeks and the track will be closed during working hours but accessible in the evenings and during the weekend.


Waikanae River trail, north bank
We are resurfacing the Waikanae River trail on El Rancho land between the Expressway footbridge and the Otaihanga Domain Oxbow bridge. Works are expected to take three days and will involve scraping and widening the soft material off the track surface and bringing in new gravel. The track will remain open and will be actively managed around the work site to ensure the safety of users. Work will commence in the next couple of weeks.

For both Waimea Domain and Waikanae River trail there will be signs in place to let people know that this work is being undertaken and we will inform people through our usual channels.

Waimanu Lagoons tidal flushing
Every year during the summer period we flush the Waimanu Lagoons to control the weed and algae (if present).  We will be undertaking the first tidal flush before Christmas (likely the week of 8 December, depending on weather and tides) and three or four  times over the summer period.  The lagoon will be drained, the control gate closed and a low water level maintained for approximately 3 – 5 days depending on dry weather to allow the weed and/or algae to burn off.  A letter will go out to residents near the Lagoons early next week to let them know this is happening.