Boris Elmo and Count Binface

Boris Johnson in centre-stage flanked by Elmo and Lord Buckethead at the announcement of the result for his seat of Uxbridge & Ruislip South .

Nationalism as opposed to Globalism was backed by voters in yesterday’s UK general election with the English giving support to PM Boris Johnson’s intention to be out of the European Union a.s.a.p. by turfing a substantial number of Labour MPs out of office, while the the Scottish increased support for the SNP which wants independence from the union with England, but not from the European Union (you can be excused for failing to see the logic there).

In Northern Ireland the nationalist Sinn Fein added to its seats at the expense of the Unionists.

Skeptics might say that by 2050 not many of the existing Conservative MPs are going to be accountable for a failure to deliver on the carbon-neutral goal simply because they won’t be there.  The oldest British MP, 87-year-old Dennis Skinner, who had held the Bolsover seat for Labour since 1970, was another victim of the swing to the Conservatives.

The charisma of Boris Johnson in contrast to the dour, humorless, anti-Semitic and Hard Left attitudes of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was clearly of fundamental importance to the result — the Labour Party’s 203 seats in the House of Commons is the lowest since WWII.

As former British PM John Major said on a TV show in 2005, “you can be as Left Wing or Right Wing as you like, but you’re not going to win elections if you don’t capture the middle ground.”  The rejection of Hard Left politics at least has to be a warning for Jacinda and her Cabinet cohort in NZ.

Boris Johnson intends to spend the U.K.’s major net contribution to the EU on the National Health Service instead (as well as on more teachers and police).

Will the long-awaited Brexit make a difference to NZ?  It will for some things, but it’s unlikely to matter economically, it just means separate trade deals need to be made and there’s no reason for them to be less favorable than the existing.