by Margaret Stevenson-Wright

At daybreak this morning Gus Evans (in keeping with protocol) put the flag on the pole outside the Memorial Hall at full mast until the virtual service began — at which time he lowered the flag to half- mast.

Additional to the poppies that Mike of the RSA placed on the graves of veterans buried in Waikanae and those on the memorial plaque, my partner John and I added a touch of ‘rosemary for remembrance’.

Anzac Waiky 2

Anzac Waiky 1


A postcard circa 1918.  In Waikanae the name Mahara in the town centre means ‘Remembrance’

Anzac Day memorial garden

The flag flying at half-staff today.

Anzac Sylvan poppies

Large homemade poppies, Sylvan Ave.

Anzac Belvedere and Kapanui poppies

Homemade poppy display at the cnr of Kapanui and Belvedere.