Rauparaha and Te Moana

Looking east from Te Moana Road.

from Gerard Rys

From the extensive discussion at the AGM [of the Waikanae Beach Residents Society Inc.] there is a clear consensus that the proposed [KCDC] package of improvements for Te Moana road surfacing and lane marking, together with associated signage, footpath/cycle lane and kerbing works etc, is desirable and should proceed as soon as weather permits between the Expressway exit and as far west as Lavinia Grove only.

There is an equally strong consensus that traffic management at the TeMoana/Rauparaha intersection needs much more genuine consultation with users from all parts of the Beach area who will all be affected by any change, along with comprehensive traffic flow monitoring before any major change is effected. Classifying this as a “safety issue” which we have seen no quantitative evidence for, including meeting the safety provisions on the NZTA website, does not entitle traffic engineers to impose their technical proposals without wider consultation with users and residents: genuine and lasting safety improvements and user compliance will depend on community understanding of the issues and the trade-offs between various interests.

A interim solution for that intersection discussed at the AGM might take the form of a low cost small painted roundabout (the WBRSI would gladly pay for a tin of yellow paint), possibly slightly mounded, with Give Way signs on all three entry points, as are employed effectively at several high traffic volume intersections in Wellington City which WBRSI members have photographed and observed. This solution is significantly more cost effective than the [KCDC] suggested $900,000 for such changes suggested to members. An interim solution along these lines would give time for consultation and traffic monitoring more likely to “future proof” management of traffic patterns which are changing in the face of residential development to the north and major State Highway developments. We note that the currently proposed KCDC solution is also likely to have consequential impacts along Te Moana Road at the Health Centre and at the Te Moana/Tutere Road turnoff.

This proposal seems very sensible. —Eds