by Carol Sawyer

It’s very weird actually… are they normally this bad?

1) We have seen a young pregnant woman arrested and handcuffed in her pyjamas, in the early morning in her home, and in front of her two small children, because she had posted an announcement about a lockdown protest on Facebook. She had asked protesters to observe social distancing and to wear face masks and had not known she was doing anything wrong.She said she was happy to delete the post but no such luck. She was in Ballarat, Level 3, not Melbourne, Level 4

2) We have seen another young woman, who had an exemption from wearing a face mask on medical grounds, being choked and held against a wall by a policeman for not wearing a mask and when, in the midst of that choking, a big fat policewoman came along and also approached her she kicked out with the only thing free, her foot… now she has a mandatory 6-month prison sentence for that. I have to say I would probably have done the same in self defence. It was a terrifying police assault.

3) We have also seen two elderly women on a park bench approached by 5 policemen and told they were under arrest. They seemed bewildered.One of the women had her phone snatched out of her hand by one of the cops.

4) This happened today in Victoria… a mentally ill man who was not carrying any kind of weapon, downed by a police car and then kicked in the stomach and head by Victoria Police. He is now in a coma.

5) In the news item attached a young woman is physically dragged from her car for having a cellphone attached to a battery charger on her windscreen!

In the Daily Mail (UK/Australia):–

Fewer rights than North Korea: Chilling reality for Melbourne under Dan Andrews’ Stage 4 lockdown – and why he IS acting like a dictator

  • Melburnians are living under stricter lockdown rules than China or North Korea
  • Victorian capital would have been locked up for six months by October 2020 
  • This is despite Victoria having an Australia-first Charter of Human Rights 
  • Swinburne University Law School dean Professor Mirko Bagaric explained why
  • He also argued how part of the Victorian government’s response was illegal

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