This is at a meeting of the Strategy and Operations Committee although it is effectively a full council meeting as all councilors are members of it.

The results of the survey that was conducted between 30 January and 30 April are viewable here for the Waikanae Ward area (381 participants, and regarding primarily Waikanae and Peka Peka Beaches). There was also a late drop-in session on 31 July at the Baptist Church Hall.

The meeting report dealing with the bylaw review is here.

The draft proposed new bylaw is here — pages 43 to 62 in the pdf. New or altered sections are highlighted in yellow.

Points worth noting as far as Waikanae and Peka Peka Beach are concerned are:

  • 6.3 – restrictions on where longline fishing can be done
  • 7. – boat launch and retrieval sites specified as at the Waikanae Boating Club and Peka Peka Beach at the end of Peka Peka Road (in practical terms there is no change)
  • No land yachts except between the north bank of the Waimeha Stream and the beach access point at Ollivier Grove.
  • 16. Parking on the beach: basically it is very limited.
  • 17.1 (a-c) No horses between the Waikanae Boating Club and Waimeha Stream between 15 December and 15 February.

The proposed electronic gate at the top of the ramp leading to the beach has been mentioned before. It would effectively prevent cars getting on Waikanae Beach, although the keen could still drive down from the Peka Peka Road entrance.

A formal consultation period on the adopted changes is set down for 12 October to 13 November.