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Dear David Murray [Salient editor],

Behold, Gurunathan Krisnasamy, the half-baked Malaysian trotsky is in a state of great confusion. Teetering on a shaky platform, he is stumbling after every passing bandwagon. His political stand sways like dirty linen in Wellington winds. During his pangs of activism, I urge students to tolerate his ravings and hullaballos on campus.

In Vol 40. No. 4 of Salient, none of the writers had aimed at winning the favour or sympathy of the Kiwis. The basic issue was to get the facts right and to educate those who erred (distorted the truth). Judging from his comments. Guru is clearly much divorced from the social problems and the true life of the working masses back home. Or maybe he lacks the insight and hence ability to distinguish between the “typical” and “extreme” scenes.

Secondly, his narrow minded argument on the “morality of rip-off” is clearly aimed at stirring up chauvinistic sentiments. This extremely political suicide approach defeats the idea of uniting the many. Who are our enemies and who are our friends? This issue is a question of class not racial chauvinism. I reckon it is Gurunathan Krisnasamy who is suffering from acute colonial hangover, resulting in a highly feverish and confused mind, and has thereby gone amok in his attacks. Instead of recommending him to a Bomoh, I suggest he do his homework. It is pathetic to be watching a lone ranger jumping at the wrong gun.

Barefoot doctor.

(“Trotsky” is a reference to followers of Leon Trotsky, a communist who was a contemporary of Lenin and Stalin, and later a rival of Stalin. This helps explain a lot… Thanks to reader Bob for bringing this to our attention. —Eds)