As if there weren’t enough already along Kapiti Road, you say. But this is a good move as the amount of traffic on Rimu Road is often heavy; however, the ‘Barnes Dance’ pedestrian crossing will mean longer waits for motorists, which they are sure to appreciate — not.

In regard to the intended “silhouettes in consultation with iwi” on these traffic lights, a little group of us think silhouettes of Te Rauparaha wielding a Taiaha or Mere would be ideal (see this webpage).

They would appropriately reflect the mantra of “Kindness and Wellbeing” as it applies under KCDC boss Mr Maxwell and the present Mayor. The lights should be double size so that the public can appreciate the design.


“[During November] contractors will drill core samples from the road in preparation for safety improvement works at the intersection in January.

“We need to investigate the condition of the road pavement to inform the detailed design for upcoming safety and traffic flow improvements at the Rimu Road / Iver Trask Place intersection.

“If the investigations show the road is in worse than expected condition, the project will need to be reviewed.

“The works in January aim to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in the area.

“The intersection will be closed for up to four weeks in January while we install traffic lights and a Barnes Dance pedestrian crossing on a raised table.

“A Barnes Dance (also known as a ‘scramble crossing’) stops all traffic and allows pedestrians to cross in any direction — including diagonally — at the same time.

“The new Barnes Dance will be safer and better match pedestrian flow in the area. It will enhance the view shaft from Coastlands to Kapiti Island.

“NZTA has confirmed that we may use unique silhouettes on the pedestrian crossing lights (similar to the Kate Sheppard lights in Wellington). We are working with our iwi partners to identify suitable images for this.

“The existing pedestrian crossing on Rimu Road will be removed at the completion of these works.

“Council will also install new storm water pipes along this section of Rimu Road.

“January is the best time to carry out the work because it’s the quietest time of year in the area so disruption to road users and businesses will be minimised.”

This is what is meant by “the view shaft from Coastlands to Kapiti Island.” The mirror image of the Takiri building is currently being constructed to the left. The ‘view shaft’ was actually a proposal by Richard Mansell of Coastlands and not the council.