Many would say Stuart Nash is the “nutter” and “extremist.”

“The Prime Minister should pull Stuart Nash into line after he called a parliamentary colleague a ‘nutter’,” says ACT Health Spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“Speaking on Mike Hosking’s show this morning, Stuart Nash referred to Nicole McKee as a ‘nutter’ and, when asked if he would apologise, doubled down saying she was an ‘extremist’.

“This is not the standard the public expects of Cabinet Ministers.

“But it does provide insight into why we haven’t seen any movement from Labour on mental health.

“Wait times for youth mental health services are on the rise and government officials are hiding damning reports.

“Labour campaigned hard on mental health. Mr Nash’s comments this morning are the most recent example that this was just spin.

“If this is what Nash says in public, I can’t imagine what he says to his colleagues in private.

“Our politicians need to show leadership.

“They can begin by focusing on the serious issues faced by New Zealanders, not by dragging others down.”

Nicole McKee is one of our best MPs.