Dear Judith,

I am appalled at how quickly the Press is happy to tell the world that you are out of favor–because you are telling the truth about the alarming situation this useless government is heading our country into. The leftist Media are happy to tell society that you have got it wrong and why you are polling low. They have got it all wrong, and as you put it, a shared democracy of all non-Maori–some 84-85% of the population–with the so called Maori population numbering 15-16% is where we are heading if this government gets their way.

Judith, you have to stand up and speak up on this or there is the possibility of a civil war of some sort. And you have to get all your MPs talking about it as well. The more voices the better, especially if they are singing from the same sheet–and loud and clear. Just get them out from under whatever rock they are hiding under and get them out earning their salaries.

Sure, you have a further 24 months to have a real impact on this, but it cannot be allowed to hibernate. The consumer, who is basically lazy and uninterested, has to have it thrown in their face virtually every day or sure as God made little apples, Jacinda will get her Communist way–by cunning–the only thing she is good at, apart from grinning for the benefit of her “darling” Media.

We are living through scary times, with a governmnent of men and women, not one of whom has ever had a risk dollar in their lives, or done anything other than apply theory to whatever they think they know something about. Phil Twyford is a shining example of the complete idiot–all theory, but no practical experience. I think Grant Robertson too is now finding himself way over his head and is struggling to make sense of it all.

You are the leader, whether the Press like it or not, and I cannot see anyone ready or able to take over that position. So hang in there and show some anger at times. There is ample opportunity do so. Throw it back in their leftist faces–ask, would you like to be governed solely by Maori? Would you like them to have jurisdiction over our water, our health system, our education system, our legal system? The list goes on.

The Treaty stated that we are one people under one Queen or King and nowhere was the word “partnership” written. The treaty has been “sanitised” by Maori and wet Whites, purely for political gain and greed.

If you and your fellow MPs can get your act together, then you may well be preparing the ground for a referendum to remove all Maori seats in parliament. What Ardern is up to could rebound on their desire to do everything for their Maori friends, and as I suggest, turn the whole issue right around in a ground swell of opposition. I have part Maori friends who would be happy to see the Maori seats abolished.

Sorry this is long, but you need all the support you can get, and I am happy to contribute at this time.

Bill Thompson