by Thomasina Wolfe

Apartheid in Aoteoroa

The Dominion Post claims it is Aotearoa’s last bastion of real news. It reports only facts. It is rigorously fair and independent. How do these claims stack up?

Joel Maxwell, a senior member of the Dominion Post team (as opposed to “Fake News”), says in a piece: “the only people to literally experience apartheid in Aotearoa were Māori.” Mr Maxwell asserts this claim as a proven fact — NZ is the land of apartheid. He does not refer to any law to prove his assertion.

He tells us his meticulous research further proves that “through the 1970s, Māori and Pasifika players were allowed to travel as ‘honorary whites’, a brilliant technical loophole that managed to simultaneously defile everybody’s intelligence and moral decency”. When I made inquiry of Internal Affairs, who issue passports, they said they could not provide me with copies of any “Honorary White” passports.

Mr Maxwell then gives us the benefit of his deep Maori philosophical and political insights into the fount of racism in NZ. “You see, the superfood of institutional racism is caution. Equity always takes second place to endless protocol and procedure – weaponised moderation, conversations. But I’m not woke, I’m Māori.”

Dominion Post Wokes their own Redneck

The Dominion Post declares “Like you, we believe in the right of every New Zealander to have a say on the issues that affect them”. What does it do?

Columnist dubbed thinking man’s redneck bows out after 17 years is how it greeted the resignation of its journalist Martin van Beynen, an investigative reporter and columnist. Van Beynen’s reporting was known for its balance, the writer’s depth of knowledge and never using abusive language. Unlike the current editor, Anna Fifield, who slaughters a person’s lifetime reputation by labelling him a redneck.

He does describe what the Dominion Post is like behind closed doors. “I don’t like wokeness or virtue signalling or cancelling people for some trivial perceived infringement of current sensibilities… I don’t like tailoring my views to suit a new zeitgeist. I don’t like the implication that everything done to improve people’s lives prior to the latest orthodoxy has been a disastrous failure and that some new system will bring in a utopia.”  

So, the Dominion Post/Stuff has brought in the new age of enlightenment. Mr van Beynen was clearly wrong. The new utopia has arrived — it is not just on its way. Aotearoa, having the Capital’s only daily paper publishing the new utopian facts such as apartheid New Zealand, outing any critics of the New Age as bloody rednecks, and the superfood of racism being caution, the  brilliant future of Aotearoa is reassured.