from the BFD–

On Friday the Thirteenth the Dominion Propaganda Post treated us all to a schlock horror front-page headline truly worthy of the turgid, tasteless, tabloid it has become.


It suits their new role at the feet of Mistress Ardern, like half-starved puppies, ready to do her bidding in the hope of being rewarded with whatever morsels she may cast their way.

We learned that our very top scientist; Dr Pink, had her breakfast interrupted which, in fairness, I imagine caused her considerable distress. The rest was cleverly reminiscent of distant-past race-war propaganda as the Dompost inculcated the ‘Far-right, far-white’ thematic.

We never actually got to read about the Far-right. We were not told who or what they are, only that the evil weevils are despised, and exclusively white. It was as if dubious behaviour and bad manners never existed at all in the melanin-rich, while the balance of victims are ‘picked on’ only because they are “strong, Maori women”.

Interviewing only very moderate and level-headed complainants of said ‘stalking’ we heard of one unfortunate who had only recently gone through the considerable trauma of having her Tiktok account closed.

It was closed due to repeated complaints over a mere 11 excessively violent videos that she posted which she complained, “don’t even use the words ‘white’ or ‘coloniser’. I’ve had videos that have nothing to do with Maori, and they still get reported.” Poor thing, that’s travesty writ large.

Another was burdened with unwanted gifts: “packages hand-delivered in recent weeks, including a book on why critical race theory is “wrong” and why racism “doesn’t exist”. Such folly; “racism doesn’t exist”, how could anyone say such a thing when it verily drips from Dompost’s pages so much that it’s a wonder the ink doesn’t run.

Still; the beat-up has a deliciously ironic ending with the Propaganda Post’s publisher in the gun, so to speak. The accusation was made that the publisher’s scribe “knowingly omitted information to gain the trust of these wahine for the sole purpose of the article and not prioritising their safety”. A demand was made that the story be retracted and a vow was made to stand “against the continued violations of Wahine rights on our own whenua, whether they be at the hands of colonial supremacists or media.” Ouch. Oh, dear.

Who would have thought Far-left agitators could also be so irritated, so surprised, so angered by a Far-left publisher’s terribly unprofessional standards and outright deceit? It’s almost as if those Far-left are getting a dose of what those of us Dead-centre have been warning them about since Ardern started lining the publisher’s pockets with lucre.

Touche! I say.

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