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Delta Is Not the Boogey Monster the Government Is Trying to Scare You into Believing It Is.

The Government is going full retard and scaring people into compliance with their unreasonable and excessive over-reaction to the emergence of Delta; entering through their supposedly brilliant MIQ border controls.

The same useful idiots are gracing our TV screens again, running the most awful lines about how “deadly” the Delta variant is. The media constantly call the Delta variant “deadly” or “dangerous”.

But is it?

In a word, No. But don’t believe me, believe the Public Health England and the content of their Briefing Paper 20.

In particular check out pages 14 and 18 in the document:

Page 14 of Briefing Paper 20
Briefing paper 20

Remember it is UK Government data, not a conspiracy theory. All data are from February to August 2021.

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