from Roger Dewhurst on the corrupt Dr Fauci and the craziness he has caused

Anthony Fauci, after being told that gain of function research is not OK by the US government, takes American taxpayers’ money to China to fund the Wuhan Institute’s gain of function research into bat virus.  Covid-19 escapes and infects just about every country in the world.  How smart!  Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astro-Zeneca and the rest all love him, particularly Pfizer. 

They are on a roll free of all threat of prosecution for malpractice and even manslaughter.  The US government has seen to that.  Our very own ‘Angel of Death’ thinks that the sun must shine out of the seat of its corporate trousers and signs up on behalf of all of us, even those who do not like the idea.  The first two jabs and the booster will probably cost the NZ taxpayer between $NZ 300 to 400 million.  The vaccine was designed for the first variety of covid-19.   We are now up to Variety Delta for which it, understandably, does not work well. No problem though, Pfizer is on a roll and we will be getting boosters every six months until our Angel of Death sees the light.  Doubtless it will be forgotten that even Pfizer advised that it should not be given to pregnant and lactating mothers.  

Since human gestation lasts nine months, many young women will either forego children or take a chance.  They will all be too young to remember Thalidomide.  With each jab, Antibody Dependant Enhancement (ADE) kicks in and natural immunity in the jabbed progressively declines.  Mortality will increase with each succeeding jab.  

Up to here is fact.  What follows is my imagination.

Eventually, perhaps only when faced by a lynch mob, our Angel of Death will see the light.  But it may be too late by then.  We may be facing something comparable with the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) of the middle ages and all our natural immunity will have been lost.  Government, law and order and the police will be gone and the entire population numbered in mere thousands will be spread across farms and the coast in small communities so fearful that every person approaching, who is unrecognised, will be shot on sight and left to be devoured by packs of starving city dogs.  By then we will have reached covid19 Omega.

Roger Dewhurst